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Our new platform has been released in September 2022 at Nordic Business Forum, please visit the offical MYSPEAKER RHETORICH webpage for more information.


We bring together those who speak, to be understood, remembered and believed.

MySpeaker Rhetorich is a global platform for measuring and improving public speaking skills. 

Performance is measured by analytics but created by human interaction that's why we combine the best of both worlds to give everyone the power to speak the change they want to see. 

By using the power of community learning and AI technologies we provide you with the tools to improve your public speaking skills and measure your progress toward speech performance and impact.  

Our vision is to democratize public speaking through community learning. If you have something to say, we will help you gain personal power and allow you to share your ideas through impactful speaking. 

By joining MySpeaker Rhetorich you get access to...

Artificial Intelligence

  • Get your Speech Impact Measured by our AI
  • Measures 17 elements of your speech
  • Pin-points areas of strength and weakness

In all honesty, the robot is my favourite part!

- Burcu Ser, Community Member

Speak or Die The Course by André Noël Chaker

  • A one of kind course created from our Positively Unique Professional Public Speaker André Noël Chaker's upcoming book Speak or Die: The Art and Science of Speaking in the Age of Imagination
  • Goes through all the elements our AI measures 
  • Composed of Personal Stories to help you learn, Exercises to help you improve and Thought Triggers to encourage you to share with your community

The Community

  • A network of supportive professionals who care about Public Speaking as much as you do!
  • Access to Mini Interviews with our Speakers, Blog, Tips & Tricks, Monthly Newsletters and more!
  • The opportunity to view previous Open Mic recordings incase you missed the Live Event!
  • Support and Guidance on your journey to delivering a more impactful speech!

    Online Events

I know Robson Lindberg very well and now that I understand his way of storytelling, I was like hey! That's how I want to tell my story. After the event I went back to the drawing board and started to write my new story about bankruptcy. I wouldn't have been able to invent that speech without the help of the Open Mic.

- Mikael Hugg, Community Member

We offer regular Open Mic Sessions, which are a safe space to put your skills to practice by presenting a five minute speech on a topic of your own choice:

  • Present to your peers
  • Get personalised feedback from André Noël Chaker
  • Participate in the Audience Big 6 (where the audience judge the human-based criteria)
  • Gain confidence & Improve
  • Speak Change


You will change the world one speech at a time on a global scale. We will support and encourage all public speakers to reach new heights in audience understanding, persuasion, and action. 

Join us and we will make sure your voice is heard!


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